Starry nights

Those shining dots, millions of miles away,


Make me feel more hopeful than the bright sunshine ever did,

They look prettier than the white lillies,

Illuminating the night sky,

Illuminating the darkness.

Those shining dots, millions of miles away,


Look like home. A far away home where I belong.

Like tiny gems that no one can touch,

Shining even when the light is gone.

Just like a thousand bulbs switched on.

I couldn’t ever say goodbye

To the

Stars in the sky

A sense of longing, I can’t explain why,

I want to reach out,

And shout,

To one of the stars and say


I’ll be back home soon.

If you go up there,

Then remember to dream,

Because its gonna be a starry night,

Over every town,

As you look down.

I put an empty hand out,

Trying my best to reach out.

Because the starry nights they are the prettiest.

Prettier than the moon, prettier than the trees,

Prettier than anything I’ve ever seen.

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13 thoughts on “Starry nights

  1. Starry nights are a wonder, but also tragic to behold. Each star is an explosion, a dying place whose light has taken this long to reach us, across the vast universe.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I totally agree. The starry sky is one of the most awe-inspiring thing in human existence, especially once you realize how much is out there. It feels like just a taste of something far beyond anything in my experience.

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