A dark cloud of despair I see,

When those footsteps are approaching me

They come near me and say such things

Heaven knows how I’d fly away if I had wings.

They tower over me and wave that dreadful fist,

Feels like the bright days of childhood I have missed.

There isn’t a single way out now,

I pray God would send me an angel somehow

To see the sun again, I’d give anything.

I just wanna smile, laugh and sing.


  1. Hi, Isha. I see from your comment above that this isn’t about your personal past — for which I’m sure you’re grateful. Nonetheless, your poem captures the terror, loneliness and hopelessness of children and adults who are bullied. It happens every day, in every place you can imagine. And it leaves scars as real as can be–along with a sense of not having anyone to turn to for help, and a feeling of worthlessness. Definitely a hot topic in our current private and public lives, even though we don’t often label it what it is–bullying, in order to feel better and more powerful than others at their expense.

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    1. I agree with you that bullying leaves scars and that it leads to a sense of worthlessness. Bullying is therefore something that must be talked about in order to prevent a person from bullying someone.

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      1. Yes, and it also lets people who’ve been bullied know they aren’t alone and it isn’t about them. I think we have a lot of bullying going on these days. Also, it takes courage to speak up for, or even make friends with, someone who’s being bullied. Hoping you have a good day! 😊

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  2. Bullying is part of life of many children in schools and colleges which makes them depressed and they skip enjoyment in young ages which is an undeniable fact which is very sad.

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