Dear Muma,

Everything about you is lovely. You are the most charismatic and kind person I know. Your enthusiasm about life, your spirit of living it fully will never fail to inspire me. You are one of those rare gems in this world full of kindness, gratitude and understanding. If someone were to ask me who is it that helped me the most during my hard times, the answer will unequivocally be you. Thank you for being that person. Its next to impossible to describe my love and gratitude for you in words. I cannot brag about my love for you because I fail you daily. But I can brag about your love for me because it never fails. I released my frustrations on you a million times and I was a total brat to you but you still loved me unconditionally and I will forever remain grateful for that.

There is no one in this entire world like you. Nobody will ever take your place in my life. The way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you hug me when I am in tears means everything to me. You have impacted me and my life in bigger ways than anybody can possibly fathom. You make my frown turn upside down, you show me the light at the end of the tunnel, you become my best friend in hard times and you have touched my heart so, so, so profoundly.

There is indescribable beauty in the heart of the mother for her child. The kindest of love, the most unconditional of love and the most precious of love is a mother’s. Please know that you can always count on me for the smallest of things. I will always be there for you no matter what.

You have the most gorgeous heart,

And we will never ever tear apart.

In your laugh there is beauty.

I wonder how you look so pretty.


  1. Responsibilities make our mothers so lovely. Actually taking the responsibility of an entire family is a great and noble work done by our mother. One day we also have to take same responsibility.

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