As I looked from my tiny balcony through the fog and mist,

A question crossed my mind, do angels really exist?

I, for one, always believed in things I couldn’t see

And while star gazing, there wasn’t any end to my curiosity.

As a child I believed infinitely in harry potter and marvellous magic,

Thought with a swish of wand, I could wipe off something tragic.

Magic does work, but probably not that way,

It works through firm belief and hard work, I say.

Well, all my philosophical thoughts apart,

I do believe that life is magical from the core of my heart.

Coming back to my balcony tonight,

I saw a silhouette against the dim moonlight.

I squinted my eyes to get a clearer view,

And my heartbeat raced when I saw a fairy flying across the sky so blue.

I looked up at the sky in awe,

But the next second, it was only a sparkle that I saw.

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