1. Utensils that are washed by men- Despite the widely discussed issue of gender-based stereotypes, we are a long way from manifesting day-to-day equality in terms of work distribution. An activity as simplistic as washing utensils is infested with stereotypical notions, which leads to an unfortunate perpetuation of inequality. 

2. Sanitary pads that do not ask to be wrapped in black polyethene- Menstrual stigma, being pervasive in our society leads to a detrimental belief system with regard to menstruation. Instead of it being considered as a natural physiological process, menstruation is viewed as a ‘hush-hush’ topic. This leads to the manifestation of shame and confusion in the minds of women. 

3. Bodycon dresses that do not size shame- Body shaming, a practice that mocks someone’s physical appearance, can be extremely destructive for their mental health. It is a form of bullying that humiliates anyone who doesn’t fit into the ‘ideal body’ category. Body shaming is often accompanied by the making of negative comments about someone’s attire, thus making it even more problematic. 

4. Makeup kits that embrace men- Makeup is largely (yet wrongly) associated with femininity, and is often deemed to be inappropriate for a man. Such notions cultivate toxic masculinity in the society and promote explicit sexism. 

5. Self-help books that do not judge- The concept of mental health is real and relevant. Stigmatizing mental health issues prevents the creation of a safe environment for those who are struggling with them. Making insensitive judgements about someone’s struggle can be highly detrimental to their recovery. 


  1. What a great list of poison that floats around in the atmosphere daily, and feeds into feelings of shame. For whatever it’s worth, your list also has a poetic ring of truth. Well done!

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  2. I’m amazed point 1 still exist….I think, it very much depends on the country one lives in….plus of course, the understanding….point 2 is very much country based as well….point 4 is quite interesting….what’s the use & need of makeup for both women & men….I don’t understand….to look pretty / beautiful??….and what’s that….my definition of beautiful might be different then….it’s a great post, Isha….

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