The gentle and beautiful love, Turned the sky lily pink As the stars that hung above Slowly started to blink. … More

Who Am I?

I am a sweet girl, with so many stories to tell, I am a brave girl, who always got up … More


I cannot say I am the โ€œperfectโ€ girl, But at least I am the only โ€œmeโ€ in this world. The … More


  As I looked from my tiny balcony through the fog and mist, A question crossed my mind, do angels … More

Lonely songs

Lonely songs, Dampen my tired eyes. Because they aren’t like, Those joyful lies. Lonely songs that sing of, Birds and … More

Bird with a broken wing

Not wanting to live anymore was a heartbreak away. To misunderstandings and loneliness I had fallen prey. If this was … More

Not afraid

Tell the world I know, That my mind is made, Life’s an uncertain show But I’m not afraid.

You’re my hope

When the means of hope are few, and all I see is a blurred view, I turn back and run … More