I am trying to learn To how to be stronger But clearly I’m destined to wander

Hoping for hope ♥️

Cleanse your life with the tears that you shed, Peace and warmth will be replaced by the wounds that bled. … More


A blackened rose, Don’t hold me close.

Just a feeling?

If it is just a feeling, Why haven’t I started healing?

The beach

During the bright sunny day, I’ll put all my worries away, I’ll come to the pretty beach, Out of my … More

That one guy

It’s 2am and I’m wondering do you ever think of me, And of what we used to be? Because no … More

The sun

I don’t care where I have to run, To only be chasing the sun.


Will I ever see the end of the tunnel? Or just darkness around… Because everything is eating me up alive … More


Giving up is a heartbreak away Never thought I’d see this day Loneliness makes home in my mind It leaves … More


Dear depression, please be done, Because how much longer can this trauma afford to run?