magpie robin

I am a magpie robin, waiting to reside in the midst of shade and canopy. Perhaps near a humble palm tree, overlooking the sea.  Some twigs, leaves and strands of grass are all I need. Because I’m ready to flap my wings and fly away to proceed.


Trying to Understand My brain. And also To not let My energy Drain. But my efforts Won’t produce Any gain. As slowly, But painfully, I go insane.

Happy New Year 🎊

Happy new year everyone! I sincerely hope that 2022 brings new hope and renewed love in the lives of each person who is seeking it. I believe in the power of a fresh start. Hope you do too. Goodbye, 2021! Would love to hear everyone’s resolutions!


In a span of two decades, a time frame which many (including myself), might consider fairly inadequate as a requisite for forming an insightful and somewhat accurate perspective about life, I have ascertained a solitary feature about the life I wish to lead, namely: a meaningful one. The intricacies of this solitary feature, though presentlyContinue reading “Meaning”

City life

I tilt my head at packed pathways and narrow streets,A picture that looks so terribly incomplete.I wonder if the shops, jobs, things and cars,Are worth the invisibility of long lost stars.The starling averts her eyes from the picturesque yet desolate boulevard,It is fancy and expensive, yet she treats it with disregard.We could waltz in theContinue reading “City life”

Home of the lonely.

You’ll find me there, at the home of the lonely. So quit despair, And come to meet me. The sunrise is pretty, I guess you’ll feel calmer, Around all the beauty, And also much warmer. Maybe I won’t be so lonely, If you ever reach, Gone will be the misery, When I hear your carContinue reading “Home of the lonely.”

Products that should exist.

1. Utensils that are washed by men- Despite the widely discussed issue of gender-based stereotypes, we are a long way from manifesting day-to-day equality in terms of work distribution. An activity as simplistic as washing utensils is infested with stereotypical notions, which leads to an unfortunate perpetuation of inequality.  2. Sanitary pads that do notContinue reading “Products that should exist.”

The World of Fiction

Surrendering to the fictitious reality of a story, and getting lost in its imaginative visualisation is one of the best ways to take a break from the real world. Reading a good story makes you a part of something that is bigger than the immediacy of your current situations. It leads you to pause andContinue reading “The World of Fiction”

Scrutinizing Stereotypes

An important aspect of consolidating gender equality includes disintegrating the generalized conceptions of ‘what is appropriate’. Such conceptions often manifest in the society in the form of stereotypical perspectives. Be it, in terms of competency, ability, character, sociability, or other personal constructs, stereotypes are widely prevalent in Indian society. A person’s gender is often consideredContinue reading “Scrutinizing Stereotypes”

What would you love to learn?

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo Learning can encompass diverse aspects: Acquiring a new skill, working on improving one’s personality, reading a new book, researching on a new topic, meeting new people, etc. are activities that contribute towards our growth as individuals, and asContinue reading “What would you love to learn?”