Searching For Meaning

In a span of two decades, a time frame which many (including myself), might consider fairly inadequate as a requisite for forming an insightful and somewhat accurate perspective about life, I have ascertained a solitary feature about the life I wish to lead, namely: a meaningful one. The intricacies of this solitary feature, though presently baffling to my limited years of experience, might (hopefully) display lucidity through the forthcoming experiences I encounter in subsequent years.

My present day discernment of ‘a meaningful life’ incorporates simplistic, yet (as I would like to believe) dependable ideas about character, sociability, behavior, and various other factors which I’m not sure how to explicate in a defined category. A significant aspect of my understanding of a meaningful life encompasses self assurance and confidence, irrespective of the passing opinions of others, along with independence from external validation. I would admit that at present, I am far from inculcating this vision in my life and it would not be erroneous to assume that harboring self assurance is one of the things I struggle with the most.

Even so, I hope to foster a way of life which is based on kindness, compassion, strength, faith and continuous improvement. And if I ever go astray (the likelihood of which is naturally existent), I hope to make steady efforts to stay true to myself.


the rivulet chatters on,

about nothing at all.

the leaf turns over,

unwilling to fall.


Your high hopes will stay alive,

even though you struggle to survive.

The sun tomorrow will rise,

and dry the tears in your eyes.

If it feels like another nightmare,

remember that the sun is still out there.

I know it’s pouring heavy rain,

but the rainbow will show up again.

It feels like another bad dream,

but there’s courage in your blood stream.

When the thunders fiercely roar,

Know that you too, will someday soar.