Searching For Meaning

In a span of two decades, a time frame which many (including myself), might consider fairly inadequate as a requisite for forming an insightful and somewhat accurate perspective about life, I have ascertained a solitary feature about the life I wish to lead, namely: a meaningful one. The intricacies of this solitary feature, though presentlyContinue reading “Searching For Meaning”


A merry and untroubled time from the past, Was something that I unwittingly assumed would last. I was unaware of how the dreary grey clouds in the sky, Were taking away my sunshine without even letting me say goodbye. Until all that was left behind of me, Was just a silhouette of who I usedContinue reading “changing”


Your high hopes will stay alive, even though you struggle to survive. The sun tomorrow will rise, and dry the tears in your eyes. If it feels like another nightmare, remember that the sun is still out there. I know it’s pouring heavy rain, but the rainbow will show up again. It feels like anotherContinue reading “Hope”

magpie robin

I am a magpie robin, waiting to reside in the midst of shade and canopy. Perhaps near a humble palm tree, overlooking the sea.  Some twigs, leaves and strands of grass are all I need. Because I’m ready to flap my wings and fly away to proceed.

Starry nights

Those shining dots, millions of miles away, Somehow, Make me feel more hopeful than the bright sunshine ever did, They look prettier than the white lillies, Illuminating the night sky, Illuminating the darkness. Those shining dots, millions of miles away, Somehow, Look like home. A far away home where I belong. Like tiny gems thatContinue reading “Starry nights”

19 teardrops

Nineteen teardrops sliding down my face, Are not unlike nineteen crystal balls predicting my fate. A fate that I understand is unpredictable at best, static at worst, It might have moments that are miraculous or moments that are cursed. Nineteen teardrops that dampen the exhaustion in my eyes, As they awaken the gloomy storm hiddenContinue reading “19 teardrops”

Paper birds.

Wrapped up in the layers of thick blankets, I remember feeling sad and overwhelmed, I remember feeling misunderstood and depressed. To distract my overworked mind and unheard heart, I started painting paper birds red, blue and green. I was, perhaps, the calmest I’d ever been. Using a helium balloon, and a tiny string, I setContinue reading “Paper birds.”

World of fiction : Escapism

Surrendering to the fictitious reality of a story, and getting lost in its imaginative visualisation is one of the best ways to take a break from the real world. Reading a good story makes you a part of something that is bigger than the immediacy of your current situations. It leads you to pause andContinue reading “World of fiction : Escapism”

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