Your high hopes will stay alive,

even though you struggle to survive.

The sun tomorrow will rise,

and dry the tears in your eyes.

If it feels like another nightmare,

remember that the sun is still out there.

I know it’s pouring heavy rain,

but the rainbow will show up again.

It feels like another bad dream,

but there’s courage in your blood stream.

When the thunders fiercely roar,

Know that you too, will someday soar.

bird with a broken wing

I’m just so sick of waking up in tears,

You know I could really use an understanding ear,

Because it seems like the end is near,

And peace for me was never so dear.

Beause right now in my life,

All I feel is sheer fright,

And I just wanna see the light,

But I am still not ready to fight.

I wish a miracle would take place,

And take my misery away

I long for a brighter sight,

For depression to set aside.

Every second is deathly dark,

I’m afraid that in my life, anxiety will leave a mark.

The light still flickers,

And the darkness still lingers.

But they say it’s darkest before the dawn,

I hope someday my grief will be long gone.

That day might be far away,

But when it comes, I’ll make it stay.

I am still restless and overwhelmed,

Still so sad and depressed.