Scrutinizing Stereotypes

An important aspect of consolidating gender equality includes disintegrating the generalized conceptions of ‘what is appropriate’. Such conceptions often manifest in the society in the form of stereotypical perspectives. Be it, in terms of competency, ability, character, sociability, or other personal constructs, stereotypes are widely prevalent in Indian society. A person’s gender is often consideredContinue reading “Scrutinizing Stereotypes”

What would you love to learn?

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo Learning can encompass diverse aspects: Acquiring a new skill, working on improving one’s personality, reading a new book, researching on a new topic, meeting new people, etc. are activities that contribute towards our growth as individuals, and asContinue reading “What would you love to learn?”

Searching For Meaning

In a span of two decades, a time frame which many (including myself), might consider fairly inadequate as a requisite for forming an insightful and somewhat accurate perspective about life, I have ascertained a solitary feature about the life I wish to lead, namely: a meaningful one. The intricacies of this solitary feature, though presentlyContinue reading “Searching For Meaning”

Self Care (Post Covid)

The entire globe witnessed a multitude of distressing scenarios when 2020 unfurled itself. An approximation of 2.4 million deaths occurred worldwide which led to an overwhelming sense of dread, pessimism and loss in the society. Apart from this, several young adults were forced to face a nascent uncertainty with regard to their near future. TheContinue reading “Self Care (Post Covid)”


the rivulet chatters on, about nothing at all. the leaf turns over, unwilling to fall.


Your high hopes will stay alive, even though you struggle to survive. The sun tomorrow will rise, and dry the tears in your eyes. If it feels like another nightmare, remember that the sun is still out there. I know it’s pouring heavy rain, but the rainbow will show up again. It feels like anotherContinue reading “Hope”

Will you..

Carry me through the flight, Hold me secure at night, Help me reach to the light, Sing me to sleep tonight?


Remember to smile,Because it is a charming and delightful world up there.Remember to laugh,Because there is going to be felicity and cheer in the air.Remember to cry,Because you’ll find many gloomy and lonely days ahead.Remember to yell,Because there might be much injustice to dread.Remember to breathe,Because the thrill of adventure can take your breath away.RememberContinue reading “Remember”


This poem, though purely imaginative, explores a connection that I, (and my others) foster with surrealism. When I wrote it, and then proceeded to read it, I couldn’t help but think of it as a children’s poem- with blatant and consistent rhymes, a fairy-like imaginative theme, and an overly simplistic outlook. Admittedly so, I believeContinue reading “Angel#2”