Your high hopes will stay alive, even though you struggle to survive. The sun tomorrow will rise, and dry the tears in your eyes. If it feels like another nightmare, remember that the sun is still out there. I know it’s pouring heavy rain, but the rainbow will show up again. It feels like another bad dream, but there’s courage in your blood stream. When the thunders fiercely roar, Know that you too, will someday soar. Continue reading Hope

Starry nights

Those shining dots, millions of miles away, Somehow, Make me feel more hopeful than the bright sunshine ever did, They look prettier than the white lillies, Illuminating the night sky, Illuminating the darkness. Those shining dots, millions of miles away, Somehow, Look like home. A far away home where I belong. Like tiny gems that no one can touch, Shining even when the light is gone. Just like a thousand bulbs switched on. I couldn’t ever say goodbye To the Stars in the sky A sense of longing, I can’t explain why, I want to reach out, And shout, To … Continue reading Starry nights

19 teardrops

Nineteen teardrops sliding down my face, Are not unlike nineteen crystal balls predicting my fate. A fate that I understand is unpredictable at best, static at worst, It might have moments that are miraculous or moments that are cursed. Nineteen teardrops that dampen the exhaustion in my eyes, As they awaken the gloomy storm hidden in the skies. Until all that is left behind of me, Is a silhouette of who I used to be. Nineteen teardrops whose stains remain visible even in the morning, Posing as a crude and malevolent warning. A broken spirit and unsteady faith make me … Continue reading 19 teardrops


I stare at the picture by my bedside,trying to see through the toothy grin and sparkly eyes. I see a soul full of laughter with nothing to lose,unaware of tribulations, oblivious of future blues. I think of the past and wonder if I lost my way,I ask myself whether I could have gone astray. Situations, they change.Life, it’s strange.Yes, we suffer.And yes, we recover. A picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe this one is bigger than I can see.Maybe life has me right where I need to be. Perhaps I didn’t lose my way, perhaps I’m just finding … Continue reading Picture

Paper birds.

Wrapped up in the layers of thick blankets, I remember feeling sad and overwhelmed, I remember feeling misunderstood and depressed. To distract my overworked mind and unheard heart, I started painting paper birds red, blue and green. I was, perhaps, the calmest I’d ever been. Using a helium balloon, and a tiny string, I set the birds free into the sky, An unexplored perception, and fresh sensibility found home in me, as I watched them fly. The very next morning, as I sat up straight on my cluttered bed, Despondency found its way back into my heavy head. I was … Continue reading Paper birds.

To See The World

Hey carefree surfer  Hey wildlife explorer  the cascades of dust that remind the air of stagnation, and the rusty clock that tells tales of monotony, and the rough marble floor where I pace a long distance, they all have me engaged in the dullness of existence.  Hey speed racer  Hey freestyle skater  Could I, too, have a moment of fierce determination? A moment with myself and my imagination? I wish to wander on a road that leads nowhere, but everywhere. An abode where I watch the twilight sunrise without a care. Continue reading To See The World