they were wolves dressed as human beings left me out to die ignorant to pleas, insensitive to screams nothing can unhurt these wounds the laughs the memories the love pfft they threw it all away don’t protect me, at least just love me ugh every demand was too much I stay awake all night withContinue reading “betrayal”


Lonely songs

Lonely songs, Dampen my tired eyes. Because they aren’t like, Those joyful lies. Lonely songs that sing of, Birds and the ocean. They always, Drench me in emotion. I’ll sing those melodies, Out in the rain. Dancing under the umbrella, With a strange restrain.


During my despair will you be there? Or During my despair will you remain unaware?


Deep in my shallow heart, I slowly start to tear apart. Feeling brave can be so hard, When I feel is broken and scarred. Could you hold on to me? I might just be a little unsteady.


Terribly forgotten Hopelessly fought Miserably survived

joie de vivre

warm air and shy rustling of dainty leavesvivid green is all that the heart perceives cold hurricanes of the deceitful mind in due course are left behind oh let’s merrily frolic upon this delightful Earth oh let’s make the most of our blessed birth

when darkness prevails

inside me is a dark place to be colorless and empty oh take me away do I even belong in this chaotic song hurricanes inside my head crumbled paper on my bed if you say I haven’t tried enough with due respect shut up no meaning no pleasure wish this grief could be measured howContinue reading “when darkness prevails”

Surging Waves

gently caressing weary feet with freshness from untraversed coastlines sandy fragrance remains indiscreet as leafy palm trees entwine murmuring waves dance along the shore reflecting with tenderness the moonlit skyalways decidedly eager to explore their journeys concealed from every passerby forever and evermore they gallop across seaslistening to secretive whispers of the lonely airconnected toContinue reading “Surging Waves”

dear dreams

Dear angel floating in the far way star, will you take me away to wherever you are? Dear majestic bird soaring far above the clouds in the sky, will you take me with you the next time you fly? Dear playful dolphin leaping through the waves in the sea, will you take me on aContinue reading “dear dreams”