Surging Waves

gently caressing weary feet with freshness from untraversed coastlines sandy fragrance remains indiscreet as leafy palm trees entwine murmuring waves dance along the shore reflecting with tenderness the moonlit skyalways decidedly eager to explore their journeys concealed from every passerby forever and evermore they gallop across seaslistening to secretive whispers of the lonely airconnected toContinue reading “Surging Waves”

dear dreams

Dear angel floating in the far way star, will you take me away to wherever you are? Dear majestic bird soaring far above the clouds in the sky, will you take me with you the next time you fly? Dear playful dolphin leaping through the waves in the sea, will you take me on aContinue reading “dear dreams”


Shadowy gloom silences the air, Every breadth I take echoes my despair. A heightened sensitivity to anguish and defeat, Everything seems terribly cynical and dismally incomplete. Not wanting to live anymore is a heartbreak away, And this bleeding heart makes me an easy prey. My bones grow numb and my heart goes still, Every panicContinue reading “depression”

flowery dreams

grown in the hearts of seeds, embracing the sunlit air, they enrich gardens and renew freshness. glorious petals emerging from the center, the seeds proudly overlooking, a flower is a charming world in itself. radiancy is all they know, warm touches are all they feel, an air of love and a drop of color.

night bulbs

Lending a glorific stroke of paint to the darkness belowEvery bulb was a figment of domestic secretsThe charm of trees was accentuated under the yellow brightnessClusters of shiny dots created beauty around themThe midsummer sky proudly illuminated its entityAll was calm under a blissful spell.

California Feeling

The incongruity of magic and reality, turned the evening mist lily pink, as the still stars that hung above, shed their shyness and started to blink. The summer backdrop and ocean air, felt their way through hazy visibility, while the clouds that waltz, whenever the rain falls, have me caught in a reverie.

what is love

Love is a wave that carries comfort,  Love is a wave that washes away hurt.  Love is the beauty of a mother’s arm,  Love is the beauty of a family’s warmth.  Love is the emotion that saves you always, Love is the emotion that opens all doorways. Love is a poet who is finding wordsContinue reading “what is love”

Let’s Live

Let’s spend the mornings Gazing at sunshine from afar. Let’s spend the evenings, Chasing twinkling stars. Let’s spend each moment, Listening to a magical guitar. Let’s spend our lives, Becoming who we are.